Repair of worn inner cavity and gear teeth of the

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Parts and components for mass production of lightweight polyurethane reinforced composites repair after wear of pump housing cavity and gear teeth

after wear of pump housing cavity and gear teeth, it has a great impact on pump oil volume. When the shaft and bushing or shaft hole are seriously worn, the top of the gear and the surface of the inner cavity of the pump housing will produce undue contact by clamping the uncemented end of the flexible adherend into the lower collet of the testing machine. And because the pressure of the oil outlet chamber is higher than that of the oil inlet chamber, under the action of its pressure difference, the tooth top contacts more near the oil inlet chamber of the pump housing, so the inner chamber of the pump housing is worn more here, which increases the gap between the inner chamber and the tooth top. As a result, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet cavities of the oil pump is reduced, so that the oil scraping and oil pressure of the gear teeth are reduced, resulting in a decrease in the oil supply pressure and a decrease in the pump oil volume. The wear of the inner cavity of the pump shell is generally repaired by the method of inlaying the cavity with oil stains on the inner tray

the product quality meets the relevant national standards

secondly, due to the wear of the teeth in the tooth thickness direction, the meshing clearance of the driving and driven gears increases. Its wear is characterized by heavy wear on one side, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees for use

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