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New Lingyun voice analysis system: build an automated, intelligent, data-driven customer service center

today, with the rapid economic development, competition is fierce in all walks of life, and the retention and loss of every business opportunity of the enterprise is only between the thoughts of customers. As a bridge between enterprises and customers, customer service center has received unprecedented attention. In order to ensure good service quality and customer experience, many enterprises spend a lot of human and material resources on the construction of quality inspection system

at present, the quality inspection of most call centers is carried out through manual spot check. With the surge of business volume, the traditional quality inspection methods have become powerless, and more and more disadvantages have been exposed

the customer service quality inspector of a bank shared:

it often takes at least 6 minutes to detect a recording. Some recordings need to be repeated several times. Listen to the recording for 8 hours every day. At the end of the day, the whole person is not well

a quality inspector can detect up to 50 recorded documents every day, and the sampling proportion is only 1%-5%, such as peeping into the leopard. Even for sampling inspection, it is still necessary to listen to a large number of recordings repeatedly and record them. Quality inspectors have high workload and repeatability. There are subjective differences in the evaluation standards of manual quality inspection, so the standards cannot be unified, and the efficiency of quality inspection is low

in addition, after the agent calls, only simple work order information is recorded. Massive valuable voice content has not been mined and utilized, which can be considered a great waste in the digital age

with the development of artificial intelligence technology, combined with the actual needs of business, the introduction of intelligent speech analysis system has become one of the indispensable means for the industry to improve the overall quality of seats

with the latest text analysis and speech recognition technology, Lingyun intelligent speech analysis system has more flexible quality inspection rules, simpler operation, deeper data analysis and more comprehensive analysis dimensions. It can not only fully replace most of the previous manual quality inspection work, but also provide data support for enterprises in reducing customer complaint rate, improving service and marketing skills, and capturing market opportunities through the mining and analysis of voice content

quality inspection covers 100% of the staff and supports emotional detection

Lingyun intelligent voice separation is called high-strength bolt analysis system, which saves quality inspectors from the bitter sea of listening to a large number of recordings to help these fast-growing industrial industries improve efficiency and productivity and improve profit margins. It only needs to set keywords, standard scripts and paragraph drift, The system can automatically complete the voice transcription and intelligent scoring of all customer service recordings. The evaluation of seats has changed from subjective sampling scores to those under objective rules, which can not be the real need of users for comprehensive quality inspection. The quality inspection efficiency is higher and the quality inspection results are more fair

service attitude can directly affect the corporate image. Lingyun intelligent speech analysis system can not only check the content of the seat conversation, but also score the seat's attitude. Through the multi-dimensional detection of silence, emotional abnormalities, snatching words and so on, it can effectively detect and evaluate the service attitude of the seats, timely find and solve problems, and improve customer satisfaction

taking a large state-owned enterprise as an example, its customer service center accepts 200000 calls every day for 10000 hours. It adopts manual quality inspection, and the sampling rate is only 1%, which is completely unable to respond to the group's call for customer satisfaction. After in-depth understanding, Jietong Huasheng built Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system according to its business characteristics, which not only achieves 100% full coverage of call recording, but also can find problems in time. Since the establishment of the system, the group has directly saved more than 100 million yuan in labor costs, and the customer complaint rate has not exceeded the threshold for three consecutive years

customer service data re mining helps improve business.

Customer Service Center is an information distribution center for enterprises' external services, and has accumulated a large amount of valuable business data including customer information, service complaints, business consulting and so on. Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system, through voice recognition, big data analysis and other technologies, excavates data, and provides important references for enterprises to optimize service quality, improve operation efficiency, make marketing decisions and product service design

Lingyun voice analysis system adopts the latest drill through analysis strategy, so that the customer service center can no longer only view the overall analysis results of all calls. Each work order will provide a summary automatically generated by the system, and the intelligent classifier will automatically classify it

in this way, Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system can not only show the overall situation of customers, voice quality and business hotspots, but also help enterprises focus on specific groups, regions or businesses with typical significance, and find special pendulum rapid fall back sign data with analytical value and guiding significance

for example, when an enterprise wants to follow up with some customers with purchase intention, it can directly screen the calls that I proposed to buy later, and intelligently classify them as hesitant calls of customers, so as to lock in potential customers

after the start of the activity, a telecom operator analyzed the hot words of call consultation and outbound call by setting up the hot words such as number carrying, and counted the specific concerns of customers of different ages, regions, genders and groups, so as to provide direct data support for the marketing department to formulate the activity package

customer complaints are the key concerns of every enterprise, which can be handled by the customer service center according to the established rules. However, when the number of complaints fluctuates violently or exceeds the threshold, it needs to attract the strong attention of the leading department. Lingyun voice analysis system counts the number of complaints on an hourly basis, so that the customer service center can view the complaint work order, listen to the complaint recording, find key problems and stop losses in time

in addition, Lingyun intelligent speech analysis system can share data statistical results in the form of charts from the dimensions of agent performance and quality inspection. The number of work orders, the number of violations, the number of work orders reviewed by the quality inspector and the number of reconsideration are clear at a glance, so that the management of the customer service center can intuitively understand the working ability of each seat and quality inspector, and help employees improve their service level

nowadays, Jietong Huasheng has widely served many large call centers in the fields of finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, health and so on, and comprehensively assisted the transformation of call centers from cost centers to profit centers

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