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The new leader of Guoyu is under great pressure. The goal of Tokyo Olympic Games is 5 gold. How can the strong enemy guard deal with it?

the new leader of Guoyu is under great pressure. The goal of Tokyo Olympic Games is 5 gold. How can the strong enemy guard deal with it?

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original title: the new leader of Guoyu is under great pressure. The goal of Tokyo Olympic Games is 5 gold. How can the strong enemy guard deal with it?

January 28, The China Badminton Association held its Sixth National Congress in Beijing and elected a new leading member of the association. Zhang Jun, the mixed doubles champion of the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games and the current head coach of the doubles team of the national badminton team, was officially elected as the president of the new China Badminton Association, along with seven vice presidents. For the newly appointed chairman Zhang Jun, the task pressure in front of him is not small. The upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is a big test, and it is almost a task that cannot be lost. In the interview, Zhang Jun also mentioned that Guoyu's goal is to fully compete for five individual places and five individual champions

as a meritorious national badminton player and a successful coach, Zhang Jun became the head coach of the national badminton doubles team in early 2017, was elected the vice president of the China Badminton Association in early 2018, and became the leader of the preparatory group for the new term at the end of the year. Until now, he has been elected the president of the association. Zhang Jun's election is also in line with the current standards of various project associations that attach importance to original innovation. Professionals do professional things, so Zhang Jun's election is well deserved. But for Zhang Jun, compared with the last Olympic cycle, the current environment of Chinese badminton has already undergone earth shaking changes, especially the pressure on competitive performance

after the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Guoyu began to replace the old with the new. This period is also the painful period of Guoyu's emergence. The young players are weak and suffer frequent defeats in world competitions, resulting in the overall performance of Guoyu plummeting and suffering from great external pressure. As a coaching team, in the post Li Yongbo era, it also suffered from various pressures. Although singles and doubles were composed of a specially assigned coaching team, it had to face the lack of internal skills and tactics and external competition. Correspondingly, it changed the standard according to the rules of the mechanical nameplate, and the rapid rise of the large-diameter limited hand imposed a load on the compression spring. In the past two years, there have been some problems in women's singles, women's doubles and even men's singles, and the loss of Sudiman cup is the most direct manifestation of the decline in the overall strength of Guoyu

for Zhang Jun, after taking office, he not only needs to control the development of badminton in China, but also needs to shoulder the important task of rejuvenating and rising the Chinese badminton team. Therefore, when talking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Zhang Jun did not hesitate to mention the goal of hitting five individual gold medals. In this difficult situation, it is not easy for him to have such courage. Compared with internal technological innovation, facing the encirclement and suppression of external enemies is the most fatal. There is not much time left for Zhang Jun and his Chinese badminton team, looking forward to miracles


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