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The automation technology of new journey and new power will shine brightly

this year is the 30th year of the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy of the people's Republic of China. The national industrialization has entered the middle and late stage, and informatization has developed rapidly. The decision of the state to newly establish the Ministry of industry and information technology reflects the long-term strategic consideration and strong institutional reform momentum of the country for industrial informatization in the middle of the century, The road construction of industrialization and informatization with Chinese characteristics has made some achievements, but it still faces great pressure

The vast Chinese market has great potential to promote new technologies and attract advanced technologies. As an important part and driving force in the process of national industrialization and informatization, automation technology will shine brightly in improving management efficiency, reducing production costs, expanding market space, reducing energy consumption and pollution, and helping industrial enterprises realize informatization as soon as possible. At the same time, automation products and technologies will continue to be updated and developed in this process

China has always attached importance to the application of advanced process control and production automation technology in the industrial, agricultural and commercial fields. The scientific research level and production capacity are rapidly being publicized by the Ministry of communications; Recommended models for highway drop and hitch transportation (the third batch) rdquo; Every year, many excellent scientific research achievements will be made, and many products and equipment with high practical value will appear. At the same time, with the rapid development of computer ultrafiltration membrane technology of 3million square meters, communication technology, network technology and sensor technology, the industrial circles of various countries have put forward higher requirements for the level of industrial automation, that is, in the modern industrial process, industrial automatic control technology should have more perfect openness, integrability and scalability, and have the ability to upgrade on the original basis, This is a rare opportunity for the developing automation technology

as an authoritative academic group in the industry, the Chinese society of automation promotes the progress and development of Automation Science and technology and the popularization and promotion of Automation Science and technology in various ways, promotes the combination of science and technology and economy, as well as the research, development and application of new automation technologies, and maintains good cooperative relations with relevant international and foreign organizations. Among them, in cooperation with Shanghai Universal Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 3. Measurement and control of environmental conditions parameters. The environmental conditions provided by any environmental experimental equipment must be observable and controllable. The "IAC, tme+sensor" exhibition has been held for the 12th time this year. 2008 is also the third year of the implementation of the eleventh five year plan. It is a very important year to promote the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way at a new historical starting point. It is also an important year for us to work hard for the majority of scientific and technological workers, enterprises and social development. It is hoped that this exhibition can bring a new driving force for industry insiders in the process of enhancing the ability to have independent intellectual property rights and forming a distinctive and well-known journey. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in-depth development

I wish the exhibition a complete success

Dai Ruwei

China Automation Society

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