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Analytical China newly established laboratory automation and informatization exhibition area

the 10th Shanghai analytical biochemistry Exhibition (analytical China 2020) in Munich will be held in hall e2-e7 of Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2020. The scale of the exhibition has expanded to six pavilions, with a display area of nearly 60000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 1000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from more than 25 countries and regions, with an unprecedented scale

with the rapid development of the life science industry, all aspects of the laboratory field are constantly innovating, but also facing many challenges, such as the increasing demand for high-throughput by popular technologies such as drug research and development and screening, gene sequencing and so on; Clinical diagnosis requires faster and more accurate test results; Laboratories pay more attention to personnel safety. In the future, the laboratory is developing rapidly in the direction of full automation and intelligence

in order to meet the needs of the continuous development of laboratory automation, in addition to the six permanent exhibition areas - Life Science, diagnosis and Biotechnology Exhibition Area, analysis and quality control exhibition area, laboratory general equipment exhibition area, laboratory construction and safety exhibition area, food can make graphics display safety equipment and technology exhibition area with the best scale, environmental protection equipment and technology exhibition area, The exhibition area of laboratory automation and informatization and the exhibition area of core components of laboratory equipment will be set up for the first time to bring innovative products and fully automated solutions to the laboratory and promote the intelligent development of the laboratory in the future

pay attention to the future development of smart laboratories, and set up a new exhibition area of laboratory automation and informatization

the exhibition area of laboratory automation and informatization involves laboratory automation equipment, laboratory automation workstation, laboratory automation measurement, laboratory data management, laboratory automation software and systems, laboratory image processing automation, laboratory robots and other related technologies and products, The new products, technologies and applications in the field of higher automatic cost and informatization in the laboratory will be displayed from two aspects of product display and concurrent meetings, so as to promote the pumping development of low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump in the laboratory in the future, and improve the laboratory technology and R & D innovation

well known exhibitors in the laboratory field gathered to provide laboratory automation solutions

analytical China 2020 has received strong support and active participation from new and old exhibitors since it began to recruit exhibitions. Thermo Fisher, Agilent, PerkinElmer, Merck, Mettler Toledo, Hamilton, TECAN, sartorius, PAA, CTC analytics, Velp, zaotong, mga robot and other well-known enterprises will show their applications and achievements in the field of laboratory automation and informatization in analytical China 2020, including life sciences, gene sequencing, clinical diagnosis, biomedicine, cell and molecular biology, drug screening, food, environment Provide practical and effective solutions for users in chemical, medical and health, inspection and quarantine, education and scientific research and other industries

live lab real scene to create a multi theme on-site laboratory

during the same period of the exhibition, a real laboratory scene of more than 1000 square meters will be built, and multi theme on-site laboratories such as smart lab, life science live lab, drug screening and Automation Lab will be set up. Through scene demonstration, operation and speech, a scientific and efficient management mode will be established, Modern laboratory design style and intelligent information management concept, display instruments and equipment, software technology, service solutions and laboratory construction plans related to laboratory technology and automation, create a scene, experience, communication and heuristic participation environment in a comfortable and efficient space, and improve the quality and efficiency of communication

gather a number of high-quality meetings to grasp cutting-edge trends and innovative technologies

around the laboratory automation and information exhibition area, in addition to displaying new products and technologies, analytica C experimental space is not large. China will also hold the China International laboratory planning, construction and management conference, precision medicine: from omics technology to precision medicine, LSAC Life Technology Forum: high throughput sequencing The 10th Shanghai International Symposium on Analytical Chemistry and the Shanghai China EU International Symposium on food safety and other themed conference activities, in-depth analysis of laboratory informatization and automation technology, and talk about the new development trend of smart laboratories in China in the future

analytical China 2020 for more information, please visit the exhibition Officer:, or follow: analytical China

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