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Nanjing adds a new landmark "24-hour Art Museum" to light up citizens' art nightlife

ordinary broomsticks turn into gorgeous rainbows, rotating chain monkey artworks, and use waste to outline dream lighting devices... Another red new landmark will be added to the Nanjing Youth Olympic axis

the 24-hour Art Museum officially opened

on the evening of November 1, from Hexi? The first "24-hour Art Museum" in Nanjing built by Jianye was officially opened, and eight "glass boxes" were unveiled. Together with a number of artistic lighting devices, they made a stunning debut in Nanjing International Youth Culture Park. In the future, it will light up the "art nightlife" for citizens, who can not only take photos and clock in here, but also appreciate the beauty of art

nearly 3000 brooms form a gorgeous rainbow

"how do these glass houses become so beautiful" "you can bring friends here to take photos later"... On the evening of November 1, the mysterious "glass box" was finally unveiled and officially met with citizens. 1. The purpose of the experiment: the determination of yield strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile experiment. With bright lights and unique shapes, many citizens came forward to take photos and punch in

artificial rainbow

from the glass room lying idle in the square to the new landmark on the Youth Olympic axis, what are the highlights hidden in the gorgeous "glass box"? Phoenix Jiangsu noticed that a "Rainbow" on one side of the square was particularly eye-catching. After close observation, we will find that nearly 3000 ordinary brooms make up this "Rainbow"

sweep many of these alloys in the market as ABS. The rainbow of brooms attracts onlookers. A broom is often hidden in a corner and ignored. Putting 3000 brooms together is a gorgeous rainbow. Feng Qie, the designer of artificial rainbow, told Fenghuang Jiangsu, "in the eyes of many people, art is noble, and we should use the best materials and the most expensive things." And he prefers to take the small things in life as the design elements of artistic works. "This is actually a gesture. I hope people can get close to art. Art is not high and cold." Feng Qiqi hopes that through so many brooms to form an image that everyone can understand, people will be attracted to stop and explore the power of the group. As long as unity is upward, ordinary brooms can also have the brilliance of the rainbow

technology model "box" lets you listen to Nanjing and talk about love

just as the 2018 China (Nanjing) cultural and technological integration achievements fair and Tencent Global Partner Conference were held in Jianye District, among the eight "boxes" appearing this time, there are two special technology model "boxes"

"let the world listen to Nanjing"

entering the "let the world listen to Nanjing" created by Himalaya, it's like being in a sound box. In addition to hearing the introduction and songs of Nanjing from the gramophone, you can also wear headphones to listen to the audio of the author of the dream of Red Mansions, and the letter written to his wife by Deng Zhongxia, a revolutionary hero in Nanjing. During the exhibition, citizens can also participate in the "one minute introduction to Nanjing" audio challenge, that is, to record one minute audio on the spot to talk about Nanjing in their hearts

"Ai box"

the love words you say to Nanjing can be immediately translated into words in multiple languages, and can also be projected on the curtain wall... The "Ai box" created by Tencent allows on-site citizens to enter the box and speak their "love words" into the microphone. With the help of Tencent translate Jun's intelligent translation technology, all voice will be immediately "translated" into multilingual text, and immediately projected into the virtual chat bubble located on the "glass box" curtain wall. From a distance, a huge chat window emerges on the curtain wall. With the projection of the atmosphere light, the overall effect is both dreamy and full of a sense of technology

each "glass box" has different highlights

in addition, the work "big group" uses the rotating chain monkey sculpture to reflect the original relationship between people; All kinds of cakes with personal dreams, coupled with the slogan "I wish your dreams come true", express a person's ideal and wish to leave the scene; There are also artists' studios, boats, foxes, self-confidence cars and other objects, allowing citizens to search for the artist's creative traces. Breaking many restrictions of carbon fiber materials in the past

waste transformation and other consumables, body lighting devices form a bright night scene

lighting devices with mountain and water themes

are scattered around the square, and there are more than a dozen unique lighting devices. Some are like hills standing in the lake, some are like reeds floating by the lake, as well as lotus leaves and boats, which add a bit of tenderness to the landscape here

It is worth mentioning that these artistic lighting devices are all made from waste, including mineral water bottles, wine bottles, glass dregs, etc. "These are common materials in life, such as mineral water bottles. After drinking the water in them, they have become works of art to show landscapes." Suxinghua, one of the designers and a graduate student of the Academy of fine arts of Nanjing Normal University, said that by turning waste into art, citizens can be encouraged to enhance their awareness of environmental protection

on the night of the launch, there was also Alexander, a Russian violinist and conductor? Mr. piyankovsky led the creation of a professional orchestra, the Alexander Chamber Orchestra, which integrates performance and creation, to perform live

after the exhibition, the "24-hour Art Museum" will also update the theme of the exhibition every two months. Citizens can come here at any time to start "art nightlife" and enjoy the artistic beauty of different exhibitions

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