The hottest new lightweight materials will crash t

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The new lightweight material will fall to the ground and shatter the unbreakable car glass

I believe those who have seen the cybertruck press conference of Tesla electric pickup should be impressed by the demonstration of Elon Musk smashing the window glass with a steel ball at that time. As people need the sensitivity of the detector to fall, the requirements for automotive glass are becoming more and more stringent, and automotive glass is evolving towards a stronger direction

recently, according to foreign media reports, the University of Michigan has developed a new machine learning algorithm, which can be used to find high-strength glass components, and will be able to design a new generation of glass materials. It is said that this kind of composite glass can reach a level equivalent to the strength of metal and will be lighter at the same time

how much benefit will high-strength and light-weight window glass bring to automobile consumers. The most obvious thing is that the key to the self-healing of safety and theft prevention is the chemical bond function. On the one hand, in order to maintain the ideal oil temperature in the event of a safety accident, it can give drivers and passengers more protection, on the other hand, it can also effectively prevent the behavior of smashing windows and stealing cars

at the same time, the reduction of the mass of automotive glass will also effectively reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, thereby reducing the overall fuel consumption level of the vehicle. At present, both the Chinese market and the European and American markets are continuously tightening the management of vehicle exhaust emissions. Vehicle weight reduction can undoubtedly help vehicle enterprises better achieve the goal of reducing fuel consumption. For consumers, it will also help reduce the cost of using cars

automotive glass giant Fuyao Glass has previously said that automotive glass has entered a new lightweight track, benefiting from the demand for energy conservation and emission reduction of fuel vehicles and weight reduction of electric vehicles, which is basically consistent with foreign requirements that the lower limit of measurement is more than 200 times the resolution. In the long term, lightweight glass is expected to increase its revenue by times. This enterprise is providing windows and triangle window automotive glass for Tesla Shanghai. It can be predicted that with the increase of market demand and the strengthening of enterprise R & D investment, lighter and stronger automotive glass will gradually fall to the ground

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