The pro1107ex high speed printer produced by Ricoh

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Ricoh Pro 1107ex high-speed printer

follows the product design concept of high stability, high productivity and high-quality output, and provides perfect on-demand printing and post printing solutions for enterprise document printing, commercial data printing, printing plants and other users. High productivity, high load capacity, excellent image quality and good paper adaptability are the biggest highlights of Ricoh Pro 1107ex high-speed printer

Ricoh Pro 1107ex high-speed printer, with high productivity as the core, provides new black-and-white digital printing solutions for users of corporate text printing and commercial data printing: optimize the workflow of mass text printing, continuously reduce the cost of text printing, and create new printing value

this model is specially designed for users of data center, output center and printing center. It is fast, powerful, widely used and small. It is compatible with various applications and printing workflow. It is an ideal model for on-demand printing, as well as enterprise standards and industry standards. It supports massive data printing and page error correction. The printing speed can reach 135 pages per minute, and the maximum monthly printing load can reach 1.9 million. It can provide customers with fast, stable and high-quality variable data printing. The specially equipped 320G hard disk can be used for storage and processing. In 2012, it built a 35 Mu factory in Dezhou Huadian to handle various tasks, such as booklet making, page changing, etc., and supports printing with a variety of materials. It is the best choice for printing and binding business text protection equipment that will not rust. At the same time, these two models also have the functions of paper leveling, tcru components, sensors, etc., which can ensure the long-term operation of the equipment and realize large-scale operation. They can perform single-sided and double-sided mixed printing, mixed media printing, and have a variety of wire binding options. Advanced modular features can meet the needs of business and on-demand printing customers, so that enterprises no longer need to outsource printing, saving time and effort

main features

◇ up to 110 pages per minute can be printed continuously, meeting the requirements of mass document printing

◇ with high durability structure, it can cope with even the monthly business peak

◇ 1200dpi high-resolution output, 256 level gray processing can achieve extremely fine document effect

◇ with unit design, it is convenient for the use and repair of the host, and can minimize the downtime and maintenance according to the media reports in Volgograd

◇ accurate sensing scanning reduces the positioning deviation of the main scanning during double-sided printing, and ensures the production of excellent double-sided documents

◇ it can support copying and printing of multiple types of media, including ordinary copy paper, coated paper, label paper, tracing paper, OHP film, etc

◇ the weight range of paper can be expanded to 40 ~ 300g; Maximum paper size range 330.2 487.7mm

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