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On May 8, the Publicity Department of the Tianjin municipal Party committee and the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and television named 17 cultural industrial parks as the first batch of cultural industry demonstration parks in Tianjin, and the printing and packaging industrial park of Dongli development zone was successfully selected

Dong checks whether the fuse has damaged the printing and packaging industrial park of Li Development Zone. It is "the enterprise needs to invest and subtract about 50million students (high school and University) in the development of high-end products." The new modern publishing industrial park, which focuses on the development of culture and technology industries such as science and technology, creating foam particles and publishing, will be invested and constructed by Dongli Development Zone Corporation and Tianjin Publishing Corporation, covering an area of 220 mu with a total investment of 2billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2015. After the project is put into operation, the sales revenue will reach 4billion yuan and the tax revenue will reach 300million yuan

in the next five years, the park will be classified into a national education publishing science and Technology Industrial Park and a National Health Publishing Science and Technology Industrial Park; Build a national specialized cultural property rights trading center, publishing innovation dream workshop (incubator) and publishing Club; It held cultural ecological salons and forums, dream sailing TV columns, theme book reading experience stores, and the annual China Baihua Internet literary creation competition. Through the full introduction of high-quality industrial resources at home and abroad, actively strive for the first try policy and financial support from relevant national ministries and commissions, build a platform for innovating system and mechanism, optimizing industrial structure, and realizing the rapid connection between creativity and capital, strive to build a symbol brand and industrial highland of Tianjin digital publishing, and inject endogenous power into the development of cultural industry in Dongli District

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