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In 2015, the output value of Shanghai's printing industry exceeded 90billion yuan

Guide: in 2014, the total output value of Shanghai's printing industry exceeded 83.19 billion yuan. In 2015, the total output value of Shanghai's printing industry exceeded 90billion yuan. Although this is not high in the country, its influence is that its framework uses ultra-light carbon fiber composites, which should not be underestimated

using Internet technology to promote the development of on-demand printing; Through the green printing of teaching materials, the transformation of the whole printing industry to green and environmental protection determines the different sensors used; By improving the efficiency of examination and approval and the level of government services, we will promote the development of headquarters economy, and encourage printing enterprises to set up headquarters in Shanghai. All kinds of bold and pioneering attempts will make the printing industry in Shanghai glow with vitality. In 2014, the total output value of Shanghai's printing industry was 83.19 billion yuan. In 2015, the total output value of Shanghai's printing industry exceeded 90billion yuan, which is not high in the country, but its influence can not be underestimated

opening up the printing market is more dynamic.

opening up is the key to the development of Shanghai's printing industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, Shanghai introduced a number of foreign-funded or joint ventures such as Donnelly Printing Co., Ltd., China business union printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Xikou, lifengao and Qiuyu of Japan. Relying on their mature market, technology and management experience, Shanghai made additional efforts to develop overseas publication printing markets in Europe, America and Asia, laying an important foundation for Shanghai's printing trend and enhancing its competitiveness

at the same time, Shanghai printing is open to the public. By issuing publication printing licenses and enjoying training services, we encourage and support the development of private printing industry. At present, the output value of private printing enterprises in Shanghai has accounted for about 60% of the total output value of printing in Shanghai. The China (Shanghai) printing Week held continuously serves the national printing enterprises and related industrial chains and the transformation and development of the printing industry with an open attitude and unremitting efforts

it is understood that Shanghai is actively exploring and practicing the headquarters economic model of the printing industry. The established or under preparation include Donnelly Asia Pacific headquarters, Shanghai Jielong group headquarters, Shanghai packaging group packaging and printing technology industrial park, etc

breakthrough in platform construction

what has made a profound change in Shanghai's printing industry is not only the expansion of enterprise volume, but also the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure

with the development of digital technology, the printing market service has already broken through the original boundaries, and new business forms such as digital printing, creative printing and logistics information value-added services have developed rapidly. In recent years, while realizing industrial optimization and upgrading, Shanghai's printing industry has promoted digital technology and Internet economy in the whole industry, making new breakthroughs in platform construction and on-demand printing

steady progress in green printing practice

green printing has become the mainstream of the future development of the printing industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the exploration and practice of green printing in Shanghai's printing industry is also among the peers in China

it is understood that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Shanghai will further reduce the VOCs emissions of printing enterprises in the printing process on the basis of the full coverage of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks, and the green environmental protection of packaging and printing will be in line with. By the end of the 13th Five Year Plan period, 60% of Enterprises above 10million yuan will establish a green environmental protection printing system. Start the green environmental protection project, implement the green environmental protection strategic transformation of the entire printing industry, and improve the competitiveness of Shanghai's printing industry

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