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Principles and precautions for purchasing CNC machine tools

1 Principles for purchasing CNC machine tools

a. stability and reliability if the purchased CNC machine tools can not work stably and reliably, it will be completely meaningless. Therefore, we must try our best to choose famous brand products (including host, control system and accessories) when purchasing, because these products are technically mature, have a certain production batch, and have been normally used by users

b. practicability select CNC machine tools. The purpose is to solve one or more problems in production. Practicality is to make the selected CNC machine tools finally achieve the predetermined goal to the best extent. It is important not to exchange the more complex CNC machine tools with too many functions and not practical at a high cost

c. the best effect can be achieved with reasonable investment only when the economy has a clear goal and the machine tool is selected pertinently. Economy means that the cost paid by the selected CNC machine tool is the least or the most economical when it meets the processing requirements

d. operability choose a fully functional and advanced CNC machine tool. If there is no appropriate person to operate or program, and no skilled repairman to maintain and repair, the best machine tool can not be used well, nor can it play its due role. Therefore, the convenience of operation, programming and maintenance should be considered when purchasing CNC machine tools. Otherwise, it will not only bring difficulties to the use, maintenance, repair and other aspects of CNC machine tools, but also cause a waste of equipment

e. shop around to strengthen market research, conduct technical consultation with departments that know about CNC machine tools or users with experience in using CNC machine tools, and try to have a comprehensive understanding of the market conditions of CNC machine tools at home and abroad. Make full use of various exhibitions to select equipment with high quality, low price and reliable performance that has an increasing demand for new materials such as polysilicon, carbon fiber and lithium electronics, and strive to shop around. Mature and stable products must be selected according to the actual needs of the unit

2 problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing numerical control machine tools

a. when reasonably determining the functions of numerical control machine tools and selecting the functions of numerical control machine tools, we should not pursue large and complete functions, because excessive pursuit of the number of coordinate axes of numerical control machine tools, high power of worktops and motors, high machining accuracy and complete functions will lead to the more complex system and lower reliability. Purchase and maintenance costs will also increase. On the one hand, the processing cost will increase correspondingly. On the other hand, it will cause a great waste of resources. Therefore, CNC machine tools should be selected according to product specifications, dimensions, accuracy, etc

b. to determine the parts to be processed, the CNC machine tool should be reasonably selected according to the typical parts to be processed. Although the CNC machine tool has the characteristics of high flexibility and strong adaptability, the best effect can be achieved only when certain parts are processed under certain conditions. Therefore, before determining the equipment to be purchased, the typical parts to be processed must be determined first

c. the reasonable selection of CNC system shall consider in detail the CNC system that can meet the requirements of various performance parameters and reliability indicators, and shall consider the convenience of operation, programming, maintenance and management. Try to be centralized and unified. If it is not a special case, try to use the same series of CNC systems familiar to the unit and produced by the same manufacturer for future management and maintenance

d. necessary accessories and tools must be configured in order to give full play to the role of CNC machine tools and enhance their processing capacity. Do not buy a machine tool that costs hundreds of thousands of yuan or millions of yuan. It cannot be used normally due to the lack of an accessory or cutting tool that costs tens of thousands of yuan. Purchase some vulnerable parts and other accessories when purchasing the host machine. Foreign metal cutting experts believe that the efficiency of a CNC machine tool worth 250000 US dollars largely depends on the performance of an end mill worth 30 US dollars. It can be seen that CNC machine tools are equipped with cutting tools with good performance. It is one of the key measures to reduce costs and obtain the maximum comprehensive economic benefits. Generally, the CNC machine tool shall be equipped with enough cutters to give full play to the functions of the CNC machine tool, so that the selected CNC machine tool can process multiple product varieties and prevent unnecessary idleness and waste

e. pay attention to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of CNC machine tools. After the CNC machine tools enter the factory, they should be carefully installed and commissioned, which is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. During the installation, commissioning and trial operation of CNC machine tools, technicians must actively participate, carefully study, and humbly accept the technical training and on-site guidance of suppliers. Carry out overall acceptance of the geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, cutting accuracy, machine performance, etc. of the NC machine tool. Carefully check various technical data, operation manual, maintenance manual, attachment instructions, computer software and instructions for PLC controlled servo electromechanical rotation, and keep them properly. Otherwise, some additional functions will not be developed in the future and it will be difficult to maintain the machine tool

the most important reason is that after each new visit, the after-sales service, technical support, personnel training, data matching, software support, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply, tool system and machine tool accessories of the NC machine tool manufacturer should be fully considered

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