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Today, I want to talk about the layout of the children's room alone. It is not only related to children's physical health, but also related to children's future growth direction. Therefore, special care should be taken when choosing suitable bedrooms for children and decorating children's rooms

from the perspective of location selection:

first of all, the northwest direction is not suitable for children's bedrooms. Feng Shui believes that the northwest orientation of the house symbolizes authority and massiness. It is the position of the head of the family and should be reserved for adults to make bedrooms. If the child sleeps here for a long time, although it can make him make great progress in some aspects, it will also make the child grow old and precocious, and lose the child's inherent innocence, which is not conducive to his learning and growth

in addition, the children's room should not be set next to the machine room. The roar of the machine is easy to make children mentally bored, resulting in mental weakness. At the same time, if there is more than one balcony in some rooms, the room with balcony or near the balcony will be set as the child's bedroom. This is not impossible, but we should be very careful. Too strong sunshine and temperature will cause children to be upset and unable to study quietly. If the balcony protection measures are not strict enough and the gap between the barriers is slightly large, it is easy to bring hidden dangers to the children's life safety

from the perspective of decoration:

one: furniture selection of children's room

when buying, it must be scientific and reasonable. The scale should best match the height of the child, such as writing




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