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Arakawa chemical industry of Japan will expand investment in resin production in China

Arakawa chemical industry of Japan recently decided to expand investment in resin production in China and strengthen the production system of adhesives, resins for printing inks and papermaking drugs

it is reported that the company plans to invest about 600million yen (120.61 yen for another US dollar) in China within two years to strengthen the resin plant equipment in Xiamen, China, At the same time, the tree used for shoe adhesive added: "The next generation of products will focus on the comprehensive technology of soft and hard utilization, and the annual output of grease will double from the current 4000 tons to 8000 tons. Arakawa chemical industry company plans to complete the investment project this summer and start construction from the middle of 2004.

in addition, in terms of paper enhancers and other paper-making drugs, Arakawa chemical industry company also plans to set up two new subsidiaries in China, which is expected to be completed within four years.

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