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Application of VIPA 300s series PLC in the automatic sorting system of tobacco logistics

at present, the automatic sorting system of tobacco logistics uses a lot of Siemens' control products, among which the PLC programming software step 7 has been familiar with the application by most engineering and technical personnel. Therefore, PLC based on step 7 development environment must become the mainstream product of this industry. Its advantage is that the majority of Engineering developers are familiar with this programming, so the development cycle is short, and various control functions are easy to realize. Considering the project cost and technical performance indicators, the PLC control system based on speed7 technology of German VIPA company has certain advantages and new characteristics compared with Siemens PLC. In the tobacco logistics automatic sorting project, Kunchuan Logistics Information Industry Co., Ltd. tried to introduce the PLC products of VIPA company with high cost performance, which achieved good results and improved the technical indicators and competitiveness of the company in undertaking the project

1 system composition

a tobacco logistics automatic sorting project in a city uses the 300s PLC series control system of German VIPA company, and has achieved good results. Its main configurations are as follows:

(1) VIPA ne12 CPU and i/o module are used as the main control system, which is equipped with PROFIBUS DP master station interface, cp343 Ethernet interface, pg/op Ethernet programming port and MPI interface

(2) three remote DP slave stations composed of VIPA 200V series modules, two of which are respectively configured with a VIPA ba00 high-speed counting module, and the counting frequency can reach 1MHz. The remote station formed in this way has compact structure, saves installation space and reliable system operation

(3) eight Siemens ET200S are used as remote DP slave stations

(4) two FC300 series frequency converters of Danfoss company are controlled by PROFIBUS DP bus

(5) one VIPA touch screen TP 612c is used as the operator terminal

(6) one Siemens EM277 interface module is used to communicate with the automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine

the system structure block diagram is shown in Figure 1

the system has entered the normal production stage after less than one month of debugging on site. It saves the time of installation and debugging. The whole control system operates normally, safely and reliably. Compared with the previously used Siemens s series PLC, the PLC of VIPA 300s shows high performance and running speed. The cycle time of performing the same procedure is nearly shortened by 2 times. It can be seen that VIPA PLC has absolute advantages in the environment with strict requirements for program cycle

1.1 the master control system

master station is configured as follows: ps307 regulated power supply, ea00; CPU,VIPA NE12; Digital input module (32di), VIPA bl00; Digital output module (32do), VIPA bl00. Its arrangement is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 master station system structure

1.2 remote slave station

3 VIPA 200V slave station system controls the main conveying equipment and 10 ET200S control single machine equipment. All VIPA 200V slave stations adopt DP field bus slave interface module VIPA dp01; Digital input module (8di) VIPA BF00; Digital output module (8Do) VIPA BF00; High speed counting function module VIPA ba00. The configuration diagram is shown in Figure 3

if one test piece fails to meet the requirements of VIPA tensile test results, the usage of 200V DP slave station is similar to that of Siemens ET200S, and it is only necessary to install VIPA 200V GSD configuration file before use. The bus slave module supports dp-v0 and dp-v1. Each station can be equipped with up to 32 modules, which are installed on 35mm standard guide rails. Different from Siemens ET200S, VIPA 200V slave station does not need to be configured with pm-e power module separately

1.3 FC300 series frequency converter

2 Danfoss FC300 frequency converters communicate with PLC through PROFIBUS DP bus to control 2 conveying equipment

1.4 automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine

1 automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine has its own control system, which is controlled by Siemens s PLC. The device is connected to PROFIBUS DP bus through Siemens EM277 interface module to communicate and interlock with upper PLC

1.5 cable tray jb/t 10216 ⑵ 000 VIPA tp612c for electric power distribution is a high-performance polymer developed by BASF to replace the traditional 3 sodium polyphosphate touch screen

1 VIPA bc01 touch screen as the operator terminal, which communicates directly with PLC through Ethernet. The touch screen is based on Windows CE 5.0 professional plus operating system. The communication interface supports not only serial interface rs-232/485/422, but also Ethernet tcp/ip, MPI, CANopen protocols, and communication protocols with various brands of PLC. It also comes with USB_ A/b interface. All these standard interfaces provide users with high flexibility and openness. Compared with Siemens, VIPA HMI has more colors and shares its rich research experience, higher sensitivity and easier use of software. It has the patented technology of alloy aluminum shell and 90 ° automatic screw lock, which makes the installation faster and more convenient. The actual appearance is shown in Figure 4

2 application experience

the debugging process of this project is not much different from the previous Siemens S7 Series PLC in programming configuration and operation. VIPA PLC debugging and programming can use step 7, or use VIPA's own winplc7 programming tool. The program used by Siemens PLC in the past can be completely transplanted to VIPA PLC. At the same time, in addition to being compatible with Siemens' function blocks, VIPA PLC also has some other special function blocks that can be easily called. In the hardware configuration, for the remote slave station of VIPA 200V, you only need to install the corresponding GSD file. The use method and HW configuration are the same as that of Siemens ET200S. VIPA PLC integrates working and loading memory internally, which can run without adding a program memory card. The CPU also has a standard MMC card interface, which can be used to save programs and data, which brings convenience and flexibility in use

after the operation of the sorting project, it was found that VIPA PLC has high cost performance, high compatibility and reliability, and can be extended to other medium-sized or large-scale applications. (end)

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