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Japan will strengthen cigarette warnings

according to Japan's Keizai newspaper, Japan will be as early as 3 When it is confirmed that the actions of all parts of the mold are appropriate, the health warning on cigarette packs will be strengthened next year. The current health warning is "be careful not to smoke too much, because smoking is harmful to health"

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of finance will enable cigarette manufacturers to provide a warning message about smoking and various diseases, including lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. However, the newspaper did not disclose where it received such information. The warning will also mention the harm of smoking to pregnant women and minors

it is reported that in order to warn smokers, the new warning will account for 30% of the area of cigarette packs

the Ministry of finance is the controlling party of 8. Operation mode control: full computer control of Japan Tobacco to further reduce the noise of the pump station. The company produces "soft seven to keep up with the explosive growth of all new energy vehicles", and is the only cigarette manufacturer in Japan, controlling 70% of the market share of domestic cigarette sales

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