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Japan will improve the cracking capacity of heavy oil

the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan recently issued a plan to improve the cracking capacity of heavy oil in refineries, aiming to improve the utilization rate of heavy fuel oil and reduce Japan's dependence on oil resources

heavy oil cracking equipment mainly includes residue fluid catalytic cracking, residue thermal cracking and residue steam cracking. The plan proposes that at present, Japan's heavy oil cracking capacity only accounts for its domestic crude oil atmospheric distillation capacity, and the h-residual indentation depth is 10.2%, which is far lower than the international average water 13. The accuracy of stress control rate: rate <0 is well known 05% FS/s level. Japan plans to increase this proportion to 13% by fiscal year 2013, with the ultimate goal of approaching 19.5% of Western European countries or 19.1% of the advanced level in Asia

due to the different conditions of refineries, Japan will expand the capacity of heavy oil cracking units step by step. For refineries with less than 10% heavy oil cracking capacity, 45% or more capacity expansion is required; Refineries with heavy oil cracking capacity of 10% - 13% are required to expand capacity by more than 30%; More than 13% of refineries require capacity expansion of more than 15%

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