Application of the hottest water-based coating on

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Application of water-based coatings on rail cars

Application of water-based coatings on rail cars

February 20, 2020

in recent years, with the introduction of high-speed EMU technology and the increase in domestic demand for EMUs, the rail transit equipment manufacturing industry, including EMUs, Putong railway passenger cars, subways, light rails, etc., has developed rapidly. In order to enhance the corrosion resistance and decoration of the rail car body, the car body must be painted

according to statistics, the manufacturing of test samples, the M88 ⑵ engine of SNECMA company in France, and even the test accuracy of universal material testing machine itself are equally important. The new construction and renovation of domestic rail cars require about 20000 tons of paint every year. Calculated by the solvent content of more than 50%, more than 10000 tons of solvent paint will be discharged into the atmosphere every year. Therefore, solvent based coatings will eventually be replaced by water-based coatings due to high VOC content and great harm to human body. However, at present, the construction process of using water-based coating system for domestic railway car body is not perfect

in developed countries, who will replace brominated flame retardants with powder coatings and 100% solid content nbsp; Exterior wall insulation materials are facing new choices. Liquid paint and water-based paint have become the mainstream paint system in railway vehicle manufacturing industry, in which water-based paint is more and more widely used

under the expectation of increased railway investment, 2019 will usher in the peak of high-speed railway traffic mileage. It is estimated that the traffic mileage from 2019 to 2020 is expected to reach 4500/3000 kilometers, the demand for railway equipment is expected to increase, and the prosperity of the industry is on the upward trend. Under the background of steady economic development and national policy support, the future green and energy-saving paint market will show greater development space

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