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Japan's revised Law Cuts supermarket plastic bags

in order to protect the environment, the cabinet meeting of Japan passed an amendment to the container packaging recycling law on the 10th. This amendment aims to reduce the plastic bags, portable paper bags and other packaging bags for storing or transporting goods sent out by shopping malls

according to Fujitsu business daily, in order to facilitate customers, Japanese shopping malls generally provide free plastic bags. In order to reduce the resulting white pollution, the amendment to the container packaging recycling law stipulates that commercial retail outlets such as supermarkets, which have reached a certain scale and low concentration of large industries, must determine the number of plastic bags, portable paper bags and other supplies they distribute. At the same time, supermarkets should also set a goal of reducing the distribution of plastic bags, and report the results of the reduction to the relevant departments every year

the law enforcement department will impose certain penalties on supermarkets that seem to have warmed up, such as the reduction is obviously insufficient. The punishment includes: advice, notification of the company name, and a fine of less than 500000 yen (about 4300 US dollars). The amendment encourages supermarkets and other commercial retail outlets to implement measures such as "cash registers provide paid packaging bags" in their operations

it is reported that this amendment will soon be submitted to the Japanese parliament for deliberation. If it can be successfully passed, the relevant laws will be implemented in April, 2007, according to huangyunhui, director of the Discipline Committee of the school of material science and engineering, Tongji University

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