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Japan says its auto production capacity has basically returned to normal.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor Company, said recently that Nissan's auto production capacity worldwide has "almost" returned to normal, although he previously said that Nissan's auto production capacity could not return to normal before October

it is understood that the March 11 earthquake in Japan had a great impact on the production of Japanese parts suppliers. Three months after the earthquake, some of Nissan's auto parts suppliers have not got rid of production difficulties, However, it still helps adhesive manufacturers worldwide to improve product performance and production process in various utilization fields. UTM adopts "V" design without clamping and conditioning at the same speed level. The number of suppliers with operational difficulties has been greatly reduced

Ghosn said, "at present, our automobile production has been close to the normal level, which was unimaginable two months ago." It is understood that Jinan testing machine factory pellet pressure testing machine Nissan automobile company previously predicted that it would not be possible to fully restore automobile production capacity until October

it is reported that the capacity recovery rate of Japanese automakers is generally faster than previously expected. Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan's number one auto company, has said that its global auto production capacity has begun to recover rapidly in June. The Nikkei reported that Toyota's global production capacity will recover earlier than expected

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