The hottest Japanese Asahi chemical cut Petrochemi

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Asahi Kasei, Japan, cut Petrochemical costs in advance. The enterprise has tasted the sweetness before it is officially put into production.

Asahi Kasei will accelerate the cost cutting action of the petrochemical industry centered on resins and chemicals. In 2001, the cost reduction plan centered on Shuidao business was originally aimed at three years, but it has been decided to achieve it within two years ahead of schedule. As the demand for petrochemical products centered on general-purpose plastics decreases and the market environment deteriorates, the company believes that it is necessary to strengthen the cost constitution quickly under the action of light, so it hopes to complete the cost reduction plan in advance. This spring, the company should try to use pure plastic days to include Shanyang petrochemical in the ethylene professional area as a subsidiary to engage in the efficiency of the petrochemical industry centered on Shuidao business, and decided to speed up the key cost improvement to strengthen the business foundation

Asahi Huacheng used to consolidate the foundation of petrochemical industry in Shuidao and Kawasaki. One of its focuses was the cost reduction plan centered on derivatives business. 5. Start the beam motor plan, which has reduced about 20billion yen in three years since 1998

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