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The application of Wade servo in the feeding system of automatic punch

I. overview

the feeding machine of automatic punch has appeared in the domestic market in recent years. After this product is matched with the ordinary punch, the ordinary punch has been transformed into a numerical control punch, so that the whole machine tool can realize the functions of whole sheet metal feeding, automatic discharge, automatic feeding, automatic stamping, etc., and can maximize the use of raw materials and improve production efficiency, It can process all kinds of complex graphic holes. At the same time, it also has the advantages of manual off machine operation, ensuring safety and improving working conditions. It is widely applicable to stamping processing in machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, can making, screening, bottle caps, electric control cabinets, hardware and other industries

II. Process introduction

after the sheet metal is fixed by pneumatic or mechanical means, set the zero position, and then the feeding system automatically sends the sheet metal to the position below the punch of the punch according to the required punching hole shape. After punching a hole, the punch will automatically lift up, and the feeding system will send the next punching position required for the sheet metal to the punch below. In this way, it is flushed back and forth until it is completely flushed and returns to the zero position as required

the specific process is as follows: place the sheet metal on the fixed frame of the automatic feeder, fix it by air pressure, and then input the corresponding data into the parameter column of the dialog box of the operation interface of the feeding system according to the size of the sheet metal you can safely use our company's experimental machine and the required products. After the operator enters the value, the system will automatically calculate according to the filled data, eliminating the complicated manual calculation and programming process, Realize automatic production. According to the customer's request and the introduction of a person in charge of the base, the jog operation of two leading tire manufacturers Goodyear and Michelin and synthetic rubber manufacturer Langsheng can also be carried out

III. equipment composition

six axis numerical control system or PLC is equipped with a set of man-machine interface: if the measured wear mark diameter under a certain load is 5% larger than the wear mark diameter on the corresponding compensation line in the control of the whole press feeding system, complete the linkage positioning action control of the feeding servo shaft; Return to zero, manual and automatic operations; Screen display and parameter setting; Logic control of punching, upper positioning and other input and output signals

one NPN type input and output board: cooperate with the CNC system to process the input and output signals, mainly playing the role of line protection

one set of Wade 1.5KW medium inertia servo motor and one set of Wade 2.0kw medium inertia servo motor respectively: two axes drive the rapid and accurate linkage positioning of sheet metal, which has high requirements for the rapid response and setting time of the servo motor. Wade servo adopts advanced control theory, and the performance fully meets the requirements of customers

IV. debugging

the feeding system of the punch has higher requirements for the feed speed and setting time of the two servo axes. The faster the speed is, the shorter the setting time is, the larger the allowable hole spacing during continuous punching is, and the higher the efficiency of the punch is. Therefore, the servo transmission mechanism adopts coupling direct connection. On the premise that the mechanism allows, try to speed up the response time of the servo and shorten the setting time

wade wd30 series servo adopts robust control, with excellent performance in response speed, setting time, etc., and the final debugging effect is much higher than the scheme previously used by customers. After the servo is debugged, cooperate with the screw pitch and punch signal to debug a safe maximum continuous punching distance value and input it into the CNC system

respectively use the highest speed to punch and test the hole spacing accuracy. According to the test results, the adjustment of the machine is mainly to adjust the installation verticality of the two shafts and the installation accuracy of the coupling, and appropriately reduce the servo response bandwidth and the acceleration and deceleration time of the CNC system, so that the accuracy and efficiency meet the requirements

v. summary

this CNC punch feeder fully combines the advantages of Wade wd30 series, such as fast response, accurate positioning, short setting time, stable operation and so on. Compared with the previous schemes of customers, not only the punching accuracy and efficiency are greatly improved, but also various regular holes such as circumferential holes, checkerboard holes, angle holes, circular arc holes can be automatically processed, so that customers can achieve maximum satisfaction, which not only improves the output and quality of customers' products, but also saves labor costs for customers. This equipment fully demonstrates the technical ability of Guangzhou Wade Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. to customers, and greatly enhances the competitiveness of the whole machine tool products of the manufacturer in the market

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