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Japanese AEON company launched PET bottled wine

Japanese retail giant AEON company launched PET bottled Beaujolais in chain stores across the country on November 19. Each bottle is 750ml and the price is 980 yen. Different from the usual imported wine in glass bottles, this new wine of Beaujolais adopts PET bottles, which has the advantages of light weight, environmental protection and low price. Its appearance is almost the same as that of general glass bottles, which can exceed the range of large mineral resources in some wetter areas. AEON said that using this kind of packaging can save transportation costs, but it is easy to skew the front and back and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. In Japan, the price of French red wine is usually 2000 yen and 3000 yen. AEON said that this is the first time that the company has launched French wine with a price lower than 1000 yen. Overall, the order of American plastic machinery in 2013 increased by 8% compared with last year

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