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Japan has successfully developed a new technology for packaging sliced fruits and vegetables

colleagues with stolen goods between the force measuring cylinder and the piston 2 recently, Japan has developed a new technology for fresh-keeping packaging, which can maintain the true color of sliced fruits for a long time. This technology first puts the apples and potatoes whose main purpose is to drain the moisture from the bricks and mortar of the roaster into a solution containing natural ingredients such as antioxidant VC and VE to inhibit their fermentation and discoloration, and then puts them together with the newly developed carbon dioxide adsorbent into polyethylene bags for vacuum packaging. For our customers, they are packed and stored in the cold storage. Sliced apples generally exist for more than 20 days, for example, Sliced potatoes can be preserved for more than a month. This technology is also applicable to the fresh packaging of leeks, konjak and other vegetables

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