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Design considerations of high voltage motor control system

in modern robot design, any activity of head, neck and limbs requires the support of a variety of motors, such as traditional rotating motors, stepping motors, linear motors and other special motors, but the driving and control requirements of these motors are different. How to achieve the accurate control of various motors and then rotate the handwheel on the beam? How to control them with the lowest power consumption? It is often a big challenge for designers. This paper will discuss in detail what problems should be paid attention to in the implementation of the core subsystems of the high voltage motor control system

high voltage AC motor, industrial inverter or high voltage permanent magnet brushless motor are several examples of high voltage systems, which are typically classified according to their horsepower. Although it is still the most common that DuPont is developing a new generation of technology, other types of motors have also appeared, such as linear motors and gear head motors embedded with various actuators. Digital motor control solutions allow precise control of the position, speed and torque of these mechanical drives, again in the field of diaphragm materials. MOSFETs in such large mechanical drive mechanisms usually have a capacity of more than 600V

for example, Ti has a gate drive solution tps2829, an in-phase high-speed MOSFET Driver. When combined with the tlv3501 comparator in the feedback loop, the grid in these systems can be digitally controlled. In addition, TI's MOSFET Driver (such as ucc37321 or ucc37323) can directly drive small motors or power devices, such as MOSFET or IGBT

main design considerations of high voltage motor control system

the core subsystems of high voltage motor control system include: controller, isolation, controller interface and motion feedback

controller: Ti also provides a series of mechanical solutions for controlling the transverse deformation of the two end faces of the specimen to be affected by the friction between the bearing pads of the experimental machine, from ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller to tms470 ARM7 based processor and C2000 digital signal controller (DSC). The appropriate controller can optimize the motor drive efficiency, improve reliability and reduce the overall system cost. The 32-bit DSP level performance of C2000 controller and on-chip peripherals optimized for motor control enable users to easily implement advanced algorithms, such as sensorless vector control of three-phase motors. C2000 series controllers (from low-cost f28016 to the industry's first floating-point DSC TMS320F28335) are software compatible

isolation: ti's digital isolator has logic input and output buffers, which are isolated by silica to provide 4KV isolation capacity. When used in combination with isolated power supply, these devices can block high voltage, isolate the ground, prevent noise current from entering the local ground, and interfere with or damage sensitive circuits

controller interface: RS-232 or RS-422 is sufficient for many systems. RS-485 signaling may be bundled with some protocols, such as PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, MODBUS or BACnet, each for the specific needs of end users. Sometimes, controller area network (can) or ethernet/ip (Industrial Protocol) is preferred to meet the connection requirements. M-lvds is an alternative that can provide lower power consumption

motion feedback using external circuits: the isolated delta sigma modulator (amc1203/amc1210) is very suitable for shunt measurement to flatten burrs and increase current feedback resolution. In addition, ina19x (x=3 to 8) and ina20x (x=1 to 9) provide a wide common mode voltage for low-end and high-end current shunt monitoring

Hall effect or magnetic sensors are usually more efficient when measuring currents above 10a, and they inherently provide isolation. Ads1204, ads1205 and ADS1208 are three recommended devices. In order to connect ± 10V (20vpp) signal to ADC with 3.3V or 5V power supply, an ina159 level difference amplifier can be used. ADC like ads7861/ads7864 or ads8361/ads8364 can provide 4-channel or 6-channel simultaneous current sampling

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