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Design and use of emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs

fire accident emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs are one of the important safety evacuation facilities. The code for fire protection design of buildings (hereinafter referred to as the "building code"), code for fire protection design of high rise buildings (hereinafter referred to as the "high code") and code for design of automatic fire alarm system should set fire accident emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs The setting position and mode, layout spacing and brightness requirements, and control mode are specified in principle. In engineering practice, emergency lighting for fire accidents is divided into systems using fire-fighting power supply, centralized battery power supply, battery as standby power supply, etc. from the perspective of power supply, it is divided into daily and accident emergency lights and special emergency lights. There are two kinds of evacuation signs: light storage luminous signs and illuminated signs. The indicator with light is equipped with backup battery, which is divided into two control modes: not on at ordinary times, on in case of accident and always on

1. Reasonably select the design scheme of emergency lighting power supply and control mode

select fire power supply as emergency lighting power supply. In places where the fire power supply reaches the first-class load, the fire power supply is selected as the emergency lighting power supply, which has the advantages of reliable power supply, economic benefits, environmental coordination, convenient management, low use and maintenance costs. For emergency lighting of fire accidents in evacuation walkways, stairs and other parts, special power supply circuit for fire power should be selected as emergency power supply, and ordinary lamps should be used as emergency lights both at ordinary times and in accidents. The emergency lighting set in the fire control, fire pump room, self-contained generator room and other rooms that still work normally in case of fire should be connected to the fire power supply. The control mode can adopt the ordinary switch and intermediate relay in parallel to control the opening and closing of the lamp. Usually, the repeater is used for normally open contact preheating, which can also avoid the action point of the residual internal pressure of the plastic in the extrusion due to sudden cooling. The ordinary switch controls the opening and closing of the lamp. In the event of an accident, the normally open point of the repeater is closed through relevant signals, and the emergency lamp is automatically turned on. The repeater has two control modes. One is controlled by the contact of the control module of the fire alarm linkage control system. When a fire occurs, the normally open point of the repeater is closed through the control module; Second, 220V non fire power supply is used to control the power supply. When a fire occurs or the non fire power supply is cut off manually, the normally open point of the repeater is closed. This method is very suitable for hidden danger rectification projects

select centralized battery as power supply. In places with large area and space without fire power supply, the emergency lamp should be powered by centralized battery and sent to each emergency lamp through a separate distribution line. The lamp is of ordinary type. The charging power supply of centralized storage battery is ordinary power supply. In case of fire, the power supply is cut off and the emergency light works

select fire power supply and centralized battery as emergency lighting power supply, and its distribution line must take reliable fire protection measures according to relevant specifications

select the emergency light with battery. For places without fire-fighting power supply and with complex building layout and functions, emergency lights with batteries should be selected, and special charging circuits with separate control should be set under the main switch of the partition distribution box according to the floor or area. They should not share the same circuit with other lighting or sockets, so as not to be affected by cutting off other power supplies under normal circumstances. They benefit from maintaining a constant state of charge at low density and are also conducive to charge and discharge maintenance. In case of fire, the charging power supply is disconnected and the emergency light is automatically on. For special emergency lights, the switch on the light should be turned on. Even in places with fire-fighting power supply, the newly added emergency light during secondary decoration should be selected with the emergency light with battery because the distribution line is difficult to fully meet the fire-fighting requirements. At the same time, it should be noted that the charging circuit of the battery must be connected to the non fire-fighting power supply

2. Reasonably select the design scheme of evacuation indication sign type, power supply and control mode

first, reasonably select the type of evacuation indication sign. According to the provisions of relevant fire-fighting specifications such as the building code and the high level code, light storage evacuation indicator signs can be used on the ground or on the wall near the ground of public entertainment places, song and dance entertainment venues such as bars, evacuation walkways of underground stores and other main evacuation routes. We should treat them differently according to specific circumstances. In the above places, light storage signs should not be used in halls and evacuation routes with insufficient lighting under normal conditions. For places other than the above places, places with sufficient natural lighting during the day and sufficient brightness lighting during use, such as the walkways in the workshops of multi-storey garment factories, can also choose light storage evacuation indicator signs. Light evacuation indicator signs shall be selected for evacuation walkways and doors in other parts of high-rise buildings and cinemas, gymnasiums, multi-function auditoriums, hospital ward buildings, etc. in multi-storey buildings

automatic pop-up indicates that it is on

secondly, the light evacuation indication sign should choose a reasonable power supply and control mode. The purpose of evacuation indication signs and emergency lighting is the same, and their functions are different, and their requirements should also be different. The light evacuation indicator sign should be equipped with battery as the standby power supply, and different control methods should be adopted according to whether it is turned on at ordinary times. In places with fire power supply, the low production temperature makes it possible to use new materials such as plastic to produce flexible displays. How to keep the scattered indication signs always on, the evacuation indication signs should be directly connected to the fire power supply, and the fire power supply should also be used for charging, which is the most reliable way. If it is not on at ordinary times and only on in the event of an accident, it should not be connected to the fire power supply, otherwise the control design is troublesome and the cost is increased. Instead, it should be connected to the non fire power supply, and the power control method is the same as the emergency light with battery

3. Strengthen the maintenance management during use to ensure that it is intact and effective.

after the emergency lights and evacuation indicator signs are set, the maintenance management must be strengthened, otherwise it is easy to damage and malfunction, affect the evacuation, and increase the maintenance cost. For different types of emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs, the maintenance should be strengthened in the following aspects: first, for the emergency lighting controlled by the fire control room, the functions of the control module and the intermediate relay should be inspected regularly; For emergency lights that use fire power through non fire power control, the control power should be cut off regularly to test the performance of the intermediate relay. Second, the emergency light and evacuation indicator with battery should be in the constant charge state, because when the battery of the standard emergency light is full, the internal circuit can automatically turn to the trickle floating charge state without overcharging. In order to prolong the service life of the lamp, it should be charged and discharged every 3 to 6 months. When the discharge time is less than 30 minutes, the battery should be replaced. Third, the surface of light storage evacuation indicator signs should be kept clean and replaced regularly

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