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Horizontal filling and sealing packaging machine design difficulties and solutions

machine description

horizontal filling and sealing packaging machine is often used to package solid goods (such as washing and cleaning, in this case, the development and launch of this 1 medical waste container agent block, razor, sugar block). The owners have carried out a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on the screw. The machine is necessary, but it is not suitable for items with multi block structure such as snacks, This kind of equipment is fed into the packaging bag through the conveyor belt - without the action of balance and gravity

when the horizontal filling and sealing packaging machine works, the products are transmitted to the equipment through multiple conveyor belts with a certain gap between them. These belts use optical eyes to adjust the speed to ensure the correct spacing of devices. The product is moved from the conveyor belt to the product conveyor. After the conveyor determines the position of each packaging equipment, the machine uses the film on the film roll above or below the conveyor to package the product. The film roll is unfolded by the motor and supplied by multiple film rolls to ensure that the film tension is appropriate and the film will not break. If there are graphics or different types of films on the film, the equipment will use the registration sensor to locate the position of the film and the product (so that the equipment will not cut off the complete printed text on the film and cannot be recognized). Once the product packaging meets the above requirements, the heated wing seal seals the upper or lower end of the film to form a cylindrical shape

design difficulties

the accuracy design of the horizontal filling and sealing packaging machine is very important: the speed of the conveyor and the sealing and cutting function must be synchronized, so that the two products have the same grade, and small calculation errors and time errors may lead to unnecessary waste; In addition, the conveyor belt with a certain gap must be coordinated to ensure that the product is positioned in a suitable position; At the same time, the film must be centered so that the product name and logo are visible

speed is also a difficulty in the design of horizontal filling and sealing packaging machine, especially the design of single shaft flow packaging machine will affect the output. In this traditional design, all the main parts - Product transmission, and our products adopt computer-aided horizontal adjustment system machine, wing sealing, etc. - are driven by the spindle under the action of high-power motor and mechanical cam. However, Mechanical gears and large motors will cause sudden shutdown and difficult starting. Other challenges faced by the control system are:

◆ quickly complete the membrane replacement process

◆ adjust the action configuration and the position of the product or film in the shutdown state

◆ maintain the precise positioning of the film when the machine speed increases

◆ maintain continuous and consistent film tension, and accurately cut and seal the film

◆ ensure accurate inspection and removal of waste products

◆ generate machine designs that can be easily changed according to the requirements of consumers and products

Rockwell Automation's solution

integrated architecture allows engineers to assemble the fastest and most efficient machine because:

ultra300 drives independently control and provide power to each major component, thus breaking the limitation of single axis equipment for OEMs and users

action commands provide phase adjustment for the relationship between various transmission mechanisms and cam systems

high speed positioning cycle (less than 50 microseconds) provides advanced control of the machine disc cutter

the support function of high-resolution feedback equipment (up to 2m times/revolution) provides high bandwidth servo response

the registration mark of Logix system can input the position of any physical axis and select the occurrence time. This time can be used to determine the precise position of any other physical axis and virtual axis in the system, which is helpful to control the precise positioning of the film

logix control system - a combination of product tracking technology (shift storage North Korea strives to improve the domestic weight comparator of decoration materials) and output cam - can accurately trigger the waste disposal mechanism without adding burden to the controller

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