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Design and printing of business cards (IV)

selection of consumables

business card carrier

business card carrier is the attachment of business card content, also known as business card media. At present, the vast majority of business cards use paper. The inner core of some plastic business cards is also paper, but business cards can not be printed only on paper. People can also choose metal and hard plastic to print business cards. The new generation of electronic business cards uses computer CD-ROM film base to produce future business cards that can be both portable and read by computers

1. Computer digital business card paper: it is the special paper used by computers to print business cards. Computer business card paper is characterized by counting by pieces, each paper can print ten business cards, and a box of business cards consumes ten business card paper. Computer business card paper can be white paper or colored paper with printed color patterns. They are mainly printed into famous films with laser printers

2. Boxed business card paper: that is, the special business card paper printed by the business card printing machine. The boxed business card paper is counted by box, and each box contains 100 business card paper. Due to the loss in the re printing, it is often less than 100 in the hands of business card users. Combined business card paper is mainly used for business card offset printing, mainly white paper and colored paper, and color business card paper is rarely used

3. Special business card materials: metal, plastic and other non paper materials form special business card paper. Because the surface of special business card paper does not absorb ink and cannot be as elastic as paper, both printer and offset printing cannot be used, so it can only be printed by silk screen printing machine. Special business cards are expensive, and personalized business cards are used more

printing consumables

different equipment will be used to print business cards. Different printing consumables will be used, including toner cartridges for printers and inks for offset and screen printing machines. Offset and screen printing machines have to be dried into printing plates before printing. Offset printing machines need to be dried into PS plates, and screen printing machines need to be dried into silk plates before printing

1. Toner cartridge and toner: the toner cartridge is the main ink storage part of the printer, and the toner is the printing toner installed in the toner cartridge, which together constitute printer consumables. The toner drum printing is dry, and the toner is sprayed. The smooth paper surface is not easy to stick. It is most suitable for plastic business cards. Paper with rough surface is also a good choice

2. Ink: offset printing machines and screen printing brush machines all use printing ink. Offset printing ink is suitable for paper printing with strong ink absorption, while silk screen printing ink is suitable for metal and plastic surfaces that do not absorb ink

3. Printing film: the most important transfer tool for high-end offset business cards. All color pictures, as long as there is a sense of hierarchy, need to be made into film, and then use the plate printer to dry the contents of the film to the PS printing plate

4. Sulfuric acid paper: also known as tracing paper, printing transfer paper. Because its main purpose is tracing, but it can also replace film for printing and transfer. Sulfuric acid paper is semi transparent, which can be printed like printing film. The difference between sulfuric acid paper printing and printing film is that it can only be used for printing simple words, solid background and line patterns. Before printing, print the printed content on the sulfuric acid paper with a laser black printer, and then sun the content on the sulfuric acid paper to the PS printing plate with a plate printer

5. Blackening agent: if you use sulfuric acid paper to make a printing plate, when you find that the color printed by the laser printer is not too dark, the color of the PS version is not clear, and it is not timely to replace the selenium drum, you can use transfer paper blackening agent to temporarily rescue the emergency. You only need to dip a small amount of blackening agent with a cotton strip and gently wipe the text and pattern on the sulfuric acid paper, and the color of the text and pattern will turn black and dark immediately

6. PS version: it is an aluminum version coated with photosensitive materials, which is specially used for offset printing. Business card offset PS version is the smallest of all ps versions used for printing. After the PS plate is sensitized by the plate printer together with film or transfer paper, it is developed and fixed by liquid medicine, washed with water and left in the power-off state to form a PS plate for printing

7. Silk plate: it is a special bandage for silk printing, which is specially used for silk printing. After the silk is sensitized together with film or transfer paper by a plate printer, it is developed and fixed by liquid medicine, and then washed with water to form a silk plate for printing

8. Printing and drug application: it can be divided into offset printing and silk printing. It mainly develops and fixes the sun dried PS plate and silk plate to make them suitable for machine printing

9. Revision paste and cleaning paste: deal with the redundant and dirty places on the PS plate to achieve the best printing quality

post processing consumables

1. Plastic film: computer plastic business card paper can form a protective film used by the huge biochemical industry like oil. The function of plastic film is mainly to increase the hardness of computer business cards and protect the laser printed words from falling off. There is a special business card film on the market

2. Bronzing paper: electrochemical aluminum material used for bronzing the logo and important words of business cards. Business cards can be bronzed with either a special bronzing machine or a simple bronzing stick. Computer business cards can also be directly bronzed on laser text. There are many colors to choose from on the market

packaging materials

business card plastic box: a special packaging box is required after the business card is printed. The business card packaging box is mainly made of plastic, which can be divided into large boxes and small boxes for segmented analysis, average value and other functions. However, many enterprises' pull pressure sensors do not need to issue verification certificates, and can hold business cards of different thicknesses. Tianma business card has a specially designed business card packaging box

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