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Forging technology: the design basis of non-ferrous alloy forgings

the design of non-ferrous metal and its alloy forgings is basically the same as that of ferrous metal forgings. The shape, size and tolerance of forgings are determined according to the overall dimensions of parts and processing requirements. At the same time, we should also consider the formability of forgings, determine the reasonable parting position, and select the appropriate die forging slope, fillet radius, punching skin connection form, web thickness, rib size and other structural elements

the forging design involved in this section mainly refers to the forging design of aluminum and its alloys, magnesium and its alloys, copper and its alloys, and titanium and its alloys

the design of forgings is mainly based on the part drawing and its technical requirements, the forging process and relevant technical standards, etc

the part drawing and its technical requirements are provided by the user. China's experimental machine industry has a history of more than 510 years. Before forging design, we should carefully digest the low drawing, understand all the contents of the technical requirements, reasonably simplify the forging structure or add process auxiliary parts, such as process bosses, datum planes, etc., in order to provide users with forging blanks with reasonable structure

in the process of forging design, the structural design of forgings shall comply with the current national standards or ministerial standards. Such as various standards for the chemical composition of various non-ferrous metals and their alloys; Regulations on die forging design drawings (HB), die forging process structural elements (hb/z), die forging tolerances and minimum current machining allowance (HB), as well as non-ferrous alloy forging standards: aluminum alloy forging standards (gbn25 keep clean (sweep after the end of each experiment) Magnesium alloy forging standard (HB) many enterprises in order to enter the market, copper and its alloy forging standard (HB), various brand titanium alloy forging standards, etc

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