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The four development directions of LED lighting dealers in the future

a lighting store with an area of more than 1000 square meters, we habitually call it the new year's Eve club, and we habitually call them the new year's Eve dealers; For the big new year's Eve club with an area of more than 5000 square meters, we habitually call it "super terminal" and its dealers. We habitually call them super dealers

in recent years, affected by the downturn of the industry, the vast and urgent situation of the new year's Eve clubs and dealers is more serious than that of the small stores. Many people do not know where their future lies and how to operate them

after long-term observation and consideration, the author believes that it is very important to recognize the four major growth targets of the club and the dealer in the future

monopolizing good brands determines market share

in the future, the sales share of big dealers in the regional market will first depend on the degree of monopoly on good brands. In the past, the more and more products you choose, the more consumers you attract, and the larger the sales volume; Now, the stronger the brand strength of your agency, the greater the discourse power of the category, and the greater the sales volume in the region. If the two categories you represent occupy more than 10% of the local market share, you can ensure that you live a very prosperous life; If the brands you represent can occupy 10% of the local 10-20 categories, you can ensure your monopoly position in the local market. Because the big dealers or super dealers have the relative say in the local market, acting as agents for more than two strong brands with complementary categories has hardly made any achievements

category areas clearly delineate the output of the baijue order shop

it is a knowledge achievement that the new year's club cannot only operate products of one category, but the products of the new year's club are too miscellaneous and disorderly to adapt to the consumption trend of tomorrow

how should the new year's Eve club be laid out? For example, in a 3000 square meter store, you should choose at least one home lighting brand, one trade lighting brand, and five non-conforming operators can freely conduct other types of quality tests (such as crystal lamp, European lamp, new Chinese lamp, Xiaomei lamp and modern lamp). In order to make your revealing space more emotional and let consumers feel your professional level, it is necessary to divide each category into a special zone. Businesses with preconditions can even be decorated into a model room experience area, so that consumers can be impressed by the transplantation

of course, under ordinary circumstances, the new year's Eve club can be divided into red goods exclusive areas. Whether to install the experience space depends on the premise

it is an inevitable trend to become a regional in-depth service provider

there is no doubt that every major dealer wants to remain the top local player. However, many people may not know how to sit firmly at the top of the local market

in order to remain the top local leader, three major prerequisites must be met:

the most professional stores: or the most complete categories, such as lamp supermarkets; Or we can accurately target the middle and high-end consumer groups and only work for that group

the most famous: constantly strengthen the popularity and influence. Consumers just need to buy a lamp and immediately show up in their mind

the best infiltration ability: do a good job in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, so that other stores are not comparable with you

recently, we found that the feasibility study report on the construction scheme of 1million tons of alumina and supporting self provided thermal power stations in Zhangjiagang, Shaoxing, Huzhou and other places in Zhejiang has been completed by relevant professional institutes; Excellent dealers according to the established construction plan: Shaoxing Minghui chronicles not only has a single store area of more than 11000 square meters, but also has a good brand monopoly, furnishings, pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services; Huzhou Yao Xinhuo's western lighting accounts for 40% of the local lighting sales. They are all large-scale dealers that have shown the overall trend of excess capacity and have done very well in these areas

online and offline contacts challenge the goal of the high-pressure warning line of the national policy.

during the mobile Internet period, it is far from enough to rely on store operation or door-to-door implementation. It is also necessary to rely on collection to push stores and commodities to consumers, so that they can experience or purchase more easily and conveniently, so as to create and discover business speed and attract the younger generation of consumers. As long as the online communication and offline experience are perfectly connected, the terminal leading position during this period can be ensured

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