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Industry Overview: four changes in post press packaging technology

at present, post press packaging technology has received widespread attention in the industry. In which direction will post press packaging develop tomorrow? Let's start from the long river of history and discuss it. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's post press packaging process can be summarized as three major changes:

the first change

(A.D. 1 carbon content of raw materials, expansion coefficient and other testing items in 956) the formation of public-private partnership, the small workshop type of manual binding gradually began to decrease, and in the middle of the 50 years, staplers appeared, forming a situation in which a variety of paper cutting machines and sewing machines coexisted, People define this period as a period of change from manual to single machine

the second change

(late 1960s and early 1970s) single machine has been unable to adapt to the printing of large quantities and single varieties. At this time, the minimum linkage production line of Ziguang production appeared, realizing the change from single machine to linkage

the third revolution

(from the mid-1990s to the present) the post press processing technology has realized the incorporation of everything into the international standard; Short edition activities, wireless glue binding, short and urgent activities of publishing books have increased significantly: the quality of books is very complex. This is the third change. Mass production has gradually become mechanized. According to the post press equipment exhibited in drupa in 2004, the whole printing industry has begun to pay attention to the development of post press packaging technology. Many of the equipment exhibited at the drupa exhibition are not available in China. At the 2004 drupa exhibition, we found many differences compared with previous exhibitions. At present, many advanced post press equipment are displayed at this exhibition, including the following points:

1. the straight-line book written by Martini and Wallenberg solves the problem of poor stereotypes

2. the linkage production line is developing towards high-speed automation. The spiral conveyor belt reduces the space occupied by the machine and is more convenient for workers to operate

3. at least the linkage production line is developing at a high speed. This production line appeared earlier in China, and now there are thousands of them all over the country. The new production line has added a positive and negative double pasting device, which solves the problem that the linkage can not be realized even when one side is folded; Automatic post aid and photoelectric control solve the problems of manual post continuation and high-speed machine shutdown; The gluing and indentation device is added

4. the Wallenberg paperback lockline linkage production line realizes the whole process from the page dispenser to the lockline machine to the automatic transmission, compaction, gluing, paper jam, sealing, encryption and finalization, until the output and cutting

5. when the digital binding linkage production line appears, the page dispenser may not be used, but the price is high

2. Children participate in the activities of self-made teaching aids. 6. the document processing linkage production line realizes the whole process from document allocation to folding and then to grinding and cutting

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