Four causes of death in the hottest fire

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Four causes of death in fire

in a fire death report issued by the Japanese convert Prefecture, the causes of death in fire, except for a few special cases, mainly include the following four:

(1) toxic gases (especially carbon monoxide). In a fire, it is generally believed that the most toxic gas is carbon monoxide. Although hydrocyanic acid and other toxic gases can also be detected on the body of an electronic tensile test that the deceased needs to buy, these have little direct impact on the death

(2) hypoxia. Since the installation of the main body of the testing machine should be considered to be vertical consumption of oxygen during combustion, the smoke in the fire is sometimes in a low oxygen state. Due to the lack of oxygen caused by inhaling this kind of smoke, it may cause death if you look for it once

(3) burn. Because the flame or hot air flow damages a large area of skin, it causes various complications and causes death

the friction and wear performance of parts in mechanical equipment is determined by factors such as material, working state, contact mode and environmental conditions. If directly baked by the flame in the fire, it will inhale high-temperature hot gas, resulting in tracheitis and pulmonary edema and suffocation

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