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800 customer CRM: four measures to help enterprises skillfully retain "repeat customers"

in the business field, there has always been a famous maxim: it is easier and more cost-effective to retain repeat customers than to continuously develop new customer sources. This is the significance of improving customer loyalty. In today's increasingly fierce competition, how to win a broader market share, develop a broader market space, how to effectively develop new customer resources and maintain a relatively stable customer team has become a key issue affecting the survival of enterprises

a survey in the United States shows that the marketing cost of maintaining an old customer is only 1/5 of the marketing cost of attracting a new customer; The probability of successful sales to existing customers is 50%, while the probability of successful sales to a new customer is only 15%; Customer loyalty decreased by 5%, while corporate profits decreased by 15%; If the annual customer relationship retention rate is increased by 5 percentage points, the enterprise profit may increase by 85%; 60% of the new customers of the enterprise come from the recommendation of existing customers. Taking the service enterprises whose customer loyalty has a particularly obvious impact as an example, whenever the customer loyalty increases by 5%, the corresponding customer net present value of the enterprise will be greatly improved

crm is a customer-centric management method. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to providing personalized products and services for customers with different value categories by means of precise marketing and collaborative work around the occurrence and development of customer life cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of retaining customers and improving sales. The 800 customer CRM system has successfully enabled more than 10000 enterprises to enjoy the fun of cloud management

1. Using CRM to sort out potential customers and target customers

sorting out potential customers is not a simple classification. We need to select potential customers from the data. These potential customers need to be given priority and developed. Before communicating with customers, try to know more about customers and record these materials in CRM. When tracking customers, we must have a reasonable and accurate grasp. It is not a good choice to go too far or not

800appcrm with uniform speed (about 1 time/s) shall be used to provide potential customer capture. The test items: tensile stress, tensile strength, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, breaking strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength, yield point elongation, yield point tensile stress, tear strength, peel strength, puncture strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, etc. can automatically collect customer requirements from the company's station, And assign it to the corresponding sales personnel within a few minutes, so that the sales personnel can track and capture potential customers in time. In addition, sales personnel can express their concern for customers by sending e-mails, SMS, etc. through CRM, which can give sales personnel more opportunities to obtain customers' recognition

2. Use CRM to judge customer value

Philip Kotler, a marketing master, in his new marketing book how to create, win and dominate the market, defines marketing as the science and art of developing, maintaining and cultivating profitable customers, emphasizes the need to analyze customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime benefits, and points out that marketing conforms to the 20/80/30 law, that is, 20% of the customers that can make the company profit most contribute 80% of the company's total profits, The worst 30% of customers will halve the company's potential profits. How to distinguish the value of customers has become a problem that enterprises must solve

enterprises need to treat, evaluate, maintain and manage customers with the concept of full life cycle 2 and high-level experimental machine, and practice through the understanding of customer value theory. Customer loyalty to the enterprise is bound to be in a state. Therefore, CRM can help enterprises clearly understand the current state of customers and improve customer loyalty. Generally speaking, customer loyalty can be divided into five stages: suspicion, expectation, first-time purchase of customers, followed by repeated purchase of customers and brand promotion of customers based on the configuration of universal testing machine. If your customer relationship building and maintenance process does not ensure customer loyalty, it should be reconsidered

3. Use CRM to make customers show value in the enterprise

with the support of CRM software, at which stage of the customer's life cycle, how many customers are in which stage; Which customers have high value and great potential and need to be maintained, and which customers are about to lose and need to be maintained as soon as possible; It is clear at a glance what the personnel in different departments of the enterprise have done and what the customer's response is

for example, in the 800app system, the process from business opportunity to transaction customer can be recorded in detail, which is conducive to the sales staff to care for customers as soon as possible, find out the reasons, take measures and retain customers. CRM system provides sufficient and convenient information support for the realization of customer-centric; At the same time, it also provides marketing management and work support to closely integrate ideas, processes and information to help enterprises build new marketing methods

crm software can effectively control the stage conversion efficiency, ensure the strategy consistency of classified customers, and better maintain customer loyalty by combining customer life cycle management with customer value management; At the same time, a customer value evaluation system is established from many aspects of customers, so that high-value customers and negative value customers can be shown, so that enterprises can invest limited resources in the most productive customers, ensure the satisfaction of customers with different values, and achieve more reasonable costs

4. Using CRM to strengthen customer care

for enterprises that implement the membership system, strengthening the management and care of members can greatly improve customer loyalty. For example, 800 customer CRM can customize the member management module, strengthen the management of member information, and more accurately manage member information, distinguish member values, and improve the management efficiency of members through member cards, member consumption, member points, and member level records. It also connects members with membership cards, and connects consumption to points with automatic SMS notification. It supports multi store chain and unified consumption and points. Not only improve the service process, timely handle spare parts and costs, but also greatly improve customer satisfaction. A warm SMS and a simple email reminder not only record and standardize the content and data of customer care, but also save the cost and risk of customer care

crm, as a new management mechanism, has greatly improved the relationship between enterprises and customers. It has been implemented in customer related fields such as marketing, sales, service and technical support, and has played a positive role in improving customer loyalty for enterprises

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