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Pavement permeable brick machinery: four aims at building ecological villages in Shaanxi

pavement permeable brick machinery: thermal conductive composite materials are increasingly used in aerospace, national defense, consumer goods, electronics Transportation and other industries aim at the construction of ecological villages in Shaanxi Province

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original title: pavement permeable brick machinery: four aims at the construction of ecological villages in Shaanxi Province

rural well-off construction has been an important work since China's reform and opening up. With the gradual promotion of ecological environment protection, all regions in China have also carried out reforms for the rural ecological environment. Indirect export accounts for more than 20% of the demand structure of box board corrugated paper in China. After the advantages of the process brought about by the high precision and high reproducibility of the "19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" (the relevant district and municipal governments) meeting, Shaanxi government leaders have taken a series of measures to improve Shaanxi rural environmental protection construction and promote the reform of modern villages and towns. Based on the "four aims", it actively helps the urban and rural construction of Shaanxi and points out the development direction for the construction of humanistic Shaanxi

1. Aim at backward production capacity. We will implement mandatory standards for environmental protection and energy conservation, and urge township enterprises that fail to meet the standards to speed up rectification and upgrading

2. Aim at the collective consciousness. Sign the certificate, implement the work, increase the publicity of environmental protection rectification, and do a good job in guiding the improvement of national awareness

III. aiming at comprehensive environmental improvement. Carry out environmental remediation from the source, and organize the environmental supervision team to strictly supervise or circulate a notice of criticism to the dirty, disorderly and poor individuals or groups

IV. aiming at talent innovation. Actively advocate the settlement and development of green and innovative enterprises, promote the development of economic belts around urban and rural areas, and make the concept of environmental protection transmitted from the collective to the individual

ecological environment protection is a long-term work of national action and national supervision. China has also promulgated relevant laws, regulations and regulations to solve the problem of environmental pollution prevention and control. Xi'an Yinma industry, in order to help the development of China's environmental protection and promote the construction of ecological environmental protection, has successfully developed permeable brick machinery for the outlet. According to relevant experts, pavement permeable brick machinery is the crystallization of science and technology. It can not only be produced by scientific and technological means, but also be used for ecological and scientific proportioning. Pavement pervious brick machinery is a fully automatic building material production equipment integrating liquid, machinery and electricity. It can scientifically mix all kinds of solid waste resources, and form ecological brick products with good environmental protection effects by vibrating and pressurizing the main machine of pavement pervious brick machinery. Science and technology is the symbol of social progress, and ecology is the foundation of future development

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