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Introduction: at the high-level seminar on China's automobile and international market from April 21 to 22, people from the Ministry of Commerce, the products of some foreign manufacturers of the Machinery Industry Federation, the society of automotive engineering and other departments agreed that, Compared with the annual output and sales of more than 4 million vehicles in China, the number of automobile exports, including parts and finished vehicles, especially finished vehicles

at the high-level seminar on "China's automobile and international market" from April 21 to 22, people from the Ministry of Commerce, the Federation of machinery industries, the society of automotive engineering and other departments agreed that compared with the annual output and sales of more than 4 million vehicles in China, the number of automobile exports, including parts and complete vehicles, especially the number of cars in complete vehicles, is still quite limited. Participants also pointed out that, as a long-term strategic consideration, it is an urgent task for Chinese automobile enterprises to be familiar with international market rules and make use of international resources

last year, the export of finished vehicles was less than 1% of the total sales volume.

recently, a group of news about the export of finished vehicles was reported by the media. First, Chery planned to export 10000 finished vehicles and 10000 complete sets of parts throughout the year, of which 600 were exported in April, including five models, Fengyun and Fengyun extension, Qiyun and the son of the East, which were mainly shipped to Syria, Kuwait and other Middle East and South American countries; Second, Tianjin FAW exported 100 Xiali 7101au sedans with mature technology to West Asia, and the total export volume of Xiali this year will reach more than 1000; Thirdly, Hebei ZTE has been moving towards the international market in an all-round way. At the end of March, 600 ZTE cars were sold to Libya. In addition to exports to developing countries and regions such as the Middle East, North Africa and South America, at present, ZTE's exports to developed countries and regions such as North America and Europe are significantly increasing

another group of statistics from the customs showed that in 2003, compared with the import value of automobile products of 14.447 billion US dollars, the export value of automobile products was only 4.71 billion US dollars, of which trucks and special-purpose vehicles were in the majority, with 25348 and 88642 respectively. As the model with the fastest growth in production and sales in China, the annual export volume of cars was only 2849. It is further understood that if the export of complete sets of parts is not included, last year, on the basis of the domestic automobile output of 4.44 million, the export volume of finished vehicles was only 40000, and most of them were commercial vehicles represented by trucks, and even a considerable number of golf cars and snow walking vehicles. Not only that, China's automobile export destinations are mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other underdeveloped regions, and most of the export products are in the low-end market with low technology content

some insiders believe that China's automobile exports, whether domestic brands or joint venture products, are mostly one-time exports, which are not large-scale, and naturally have no cost advantage in transportation and after-sales network construction. It is worth noting that the difference between domestic brands and joint venture products in terms of export is highlighted again. As the export of joint ventures has been incorporated into the global strategy of multinational corporations, the sales link should continue to rely on the global network of multinational corporations. For example, Buick gl10 exported by Shanghai General Motors to Philippines is sold by the Philippine brand store of general motors, while Shanghai Volkswagen has added coarse and fine residues The four iron removers polo, such as calcined coke, are sold through the network of Volkswagen in Australia, ceding the initiative of after-sales service, which means that Chinese enterprises have lost the right to speak in the lucrative after-sales field; For the export of cars of national brands, they mostly choose to cooperate with local dealers or reduce the cost of transportation and sales by exporting CKD spare parts and assembling them locally. According to Zhouyi, director of the International Trade Department of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Dongfeng exports more than 60 million dollars of automobiles and parts every year. Its finished vehicle products are mainly exported to more than 50 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Its products mainly include off-road vehicles, light and medium heavy trucks and buses. In recent years, in order to further expand cooperation with foreign enterprises, Dongfeng has successively assembled Dongfeng vehicles in Pakistan, Egypt and other countries in the form of CKD, It has been supported by the local government and welcomed by the market

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