Laolai Bulai doors and windows Yingtan store opens

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On September 19, Laolai Bulai door and window Jiangxi Yingtan store was grandly opened

on September 19, the salute and gongs and drums roared. With the careful planning of the headquarters and Yingtan store and the full support of Ruijin store, Yichun store, Shangrao store, Shangli store, Nanchang store and other brother stores, laolaibulai window Jiangxi Yingtan store was grandly opened

on the day of opening, colorful balls hung high, flower baskets and brocade clusters, singing and dancing, attracting many customers to visit the store, and the scene was extremely popular. In order to thank all friends for their gracious support, the Laolai not bad launched the reward activities such as "entering the store with a luxury gift, replacing old windows with new windows, placing an order with a red envelope, VIP enjoying a great surprise", which were favored and praised by the majority of user friends. Many owners successfully signed the door and window order contract and were lucky to win the red envelope award. The transaction amount on the first day of the activity exceeded 100000




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