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For many newly decorated new houses, construction waste can be seen everywhere, and the renovation of new houses, land reclamation and cleaning have become very important. If the decoration, reclamation and cleaning are done well, the whole home can be very beautiful, but if not done well, it will affect the aesthetics. In order to build a fresh home, we must pay attention to decoration, land reclamation and cleaning. New house decoration and cleaning is the first cleaning after the completion of new house decoration, and its difficulty is often greater than daily household cleaning. What are the standards for the decoration and cleaning of new houses

new house decoration and cleaning standard I

we can clean our home by sunlight. Unlike many cleaners, sunlight is free, which is not only convenient, but also amazing. Sunlight can kill microorganisms in the air and improve the immunity of the body. If there is still a strong smell of formaldehyde in the room, you have to open the windows, pay attention to ventilation, and let the light come in. The sunshine time every day must be more than 1 hour. In addition, the indoor lighting must be better, which can make the room get sufficient natural light. Generally speaking, the ratio of the effective area of the window to the area of the ground should be greater than 1:15, so as to have good daylighting

new house decoration and cleaning standard II

we should keep the overall room hygiene in good condition. Generally speaking, the room temperature should not be lower than 12 ℃ in winter, not higher than 30 ℃ in summer, and the indoor relative humidity should not be greater than 65%, while the wind speed should not be less than 0.15 M/s in summer and not more than 0.3 M/s in winter. Only by paying attention to minor climate change and adjusting appropriately can we achieve the effect of cleaning

new house decoration and cleaning standard III

when decorating and opening up wasteland, we should pay attention to the indoor clear height& ldquo; Civil building design quota ” It is stipulated that the indoor clear height shall not be less than 2.8m. For many residents, a suitable clear height can give people a good sense of space. If the net height is too low, it will make people feel depressed. Experiments have proved that if the net height of the room is less than 2.55 meters, the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide will become very high, which will easily affect the indoor air quality

new house decoration and cleaning standard IV

when we open up wasteland and clean, we should pay attention to the air cleanliness, which generally refers to the harmful gases, floating dust and the total number of bacteria in the indoor air. If the concentration is too high, it will affect the health of cleaners. Harmful gases mainly refer to sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, volatile benzene, etc

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