8 golden laws of small house decoration color matc

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How can we skillfully create a warm and fashionable home with the color matching of small household? You can't know the following eight laws

I: gold and silver are universal colors in the bedroom, and they are also the most commonly used in decoration. They can be matched with any color and used in any functional space

II: the color matching of the wall should not exceed three, otherwise it will appear very messy

III: try to use warm colors in restaurants. Red and orange can increase appetite

IV: use color to create the layered effect of the room. The general principle is that the wall is shallow, the ground is medium, and the furniture is deep; On the contrary, in the wall, the ground is deep and the furniture is shallow

V: it is better to decorate the bathroom with warm colors, not black or dark blue, because the house is small, using these two colors makes it more gloomy and cold

VI: if you want to create a simple and lively home taste, don't choose things with big flowers and small flowers printed on small houses, such as wallpapers, curtains, etc. try to use solid color design to increase the sense of room space

VII: don't show big red and green in the same room. It looks a little tacky and looks like the owner has no taste

VIII: the color of the ceiling should be lighter than or the same as the wall, otherwise, people living in it will not only have “ Top heavy ” The feeling of dyspnea will occur after a long time




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