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Sleep 3 meters under the water and sleep with fish? Lying in a wild animal cage? A bed floating in midair? Or not taboo, choose to sleep in the coffin? British media recently selected the world's most bizarre hotels, many of which may make timid people sleepless at night! I have to admit that many strange and interesting hotels are the combination of creativity and nature, which makes people sigh the magic of nature and amaze human wisdom

I. German creative Hotel:

it is mentioned that the strangest hotel with room design in the world may be the propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany. Each of the 31 rooms has a unique theme and design

1. Vampire room:

each coffin bed can close the lid, really imitating the vampire to sleep. If people who are prone to insomnia don't want to sleep in these Gothic beds, perhaps a less thrilling bed can be found in the maze like lattice under the coffin bed





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